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Our Human Resources Policy

As BS Bizim Servis, we always set the target to be an HR that advocates an open door policy and that is always accessible.

We include the opinions of the employees in the weekly and monthly meetings and enable the expert employees to attend the meetings in certain periods for making them share their views.

We attach importance to the communication between units and aim to enhance the collaboration among them through outside activities, by believing the sense of belonging.

Our Working Principles

As BS Bizim Servis, our working principles include some values for continuing our quality.

The service presentation and customer relations of Bizim Servis are established on such values. The values include the following articles.

  • Respect to Humans
  • Business Ethics
  • Employee Happiness
  • Honesty and Sincerity
  • Teamwork
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Working Discipline
  • Openness to Change

Training and Improvement Management

As BS Bizim Servis, we determine our training and improvement processes mainly in line with the Y generation and our blue-collar employment and attach importance to the personal and occupational improvement of each individual we employ.

With our innovative and quality-oriented training policy, we identify the training systems that are compliant with the requirements of the age and we support that process with our trainings in order not to allow the interruption of the quality of the service we provide.

We plan trainings that unite our employees and increase their sense of belonging, through training policies, with the awareness that personal improvement trainings are as important as occupational trainings.

We direct our white-collar employees and executives to trainings in line with their talents and enable them to improve themselves.

Our Job Recruitment Policy

For the placement of the rightest prospective candidate in the rightest position in the fastest way, we ensure that the placement takes place via the modern techniques and processes of the age with our competent job recruitment team.

We establish our job As BS Bizim Servis, we  create our  job recruitment policy in line with the analyses of the measurable needs our customers and the sector, by determining the needs in the most efficient manner and by placing the candidates complying with BS Bizim Servis’ values into appropriate positions.

recruitment processes through a periodical or annual systematic and transparent system and determine our processes in line with such plan.

We confer the chance of promotion and self-improvement to each individual who is successful in our family, as long as he/she keeps on being successful. In our job recruitment processes, we attach importance to the employment of women and female executives and we act accordingly. 50% of our employees are female.



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