About us

Founded in 2005, our company is one of the leading companies of our country that provides services of facility management, cleaning, office support, and offering and complimentary catering. Bizim Servis uses its expertise to contribute to its customers in reducing their costs and obtaining productive results by focusing on their actual businesses.

Our slogan of “It makes you experience the Difference” expresses the fact that we have a holistic and meticulous service understanding that suits the needs of its customers.

Bizim Servis provides services in the leading companies in its sector, with its four regional offices and over 3,000 employees and continues to grow with high quality and mutual confidence.

Our Certificates

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Cleaning Services

For the health and happiness of our employees, we are presenting the cleaning service in a working environment at the highest quality. Let your heart relax.Details »

Offering and Services

We are conducting the seamless food/beverage service with quality for our guests and employees, through our specifically trained personnel.Details »

Facility Management

If you want all the details other than your actual business to be conducted from a single point, and if you look for an expert institution for that purpose, it is just our job.Details »

Loading - Unloading Services

As Bizim Servis, we are carrying out your activities that are in the form of auxiliary businesses, fast, reliably, flexibly, in coordination with you, and in the manner that  it will provide cost advantage.Details »

Pay rolling Services

We are carrying out all your technical pay rolling transactions with our expert staff and technological infrastructure and we implement their legal requirements for you.Details »

Reception and Information Services

Realizing this service that is the visible face of enterprises, with trained and smiling personnel, is very important for supporting your corporate reputation.Details »

Packaging Services

With the service we provide, we fulfill your need for a trained personnel, in the fastest possible way, periodically or continuously.Details »

Why do you choose us?

Our Five Basic Principles

When realizing the services we have promised to you, we execute all the work processes ranging from planning to audit and controls, in the fashion that it will create difference and by using the information and technology, and we support them with the most accurate human resource.

As Bizim Servis, we are fully providing the service that you actually need and we update such service in the manner that it will provide the best result in line with the changing conditions and needs.


Providing the personnel with professional trainings.


Use of the equipment and machinery with modern equipage, rather than conventional cleaning tools.


Use of color codes in equipment and materials to prevent cross contamination.


Use of the dosing systems in all the projects in order to ensure than the material consumption amounts are in the required standards.


Conducting workforce and material analysis in computer environment.

Human Resources

As the Human Resources, our objective is to make our human power our permanent superiority in the sectors where we provide services.


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We first conduct acquaintance meetings for efficient business partnerships with our customers.

Determination of Needs

We identify the service areas and methods that our customers need, in line with their sectors, subject matter of activity, and physical properties of the enterprise.

Area Explorations

We conduct area explorations using the best applications and methods accepted in the world for internal productivity and healthy workflow by optimizing quality, and we prepare the draft processes.
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Workforce Analyses

We conduct the timing, workload, and cost calculations of the solutions that we will provide to our customers and recommend the best solutions at the most affordable price.

Implementation Strategy

We determine the implementation strategy within the frame of the agreement we have reached with our customers and we realize the productive business application where appropriate fast and suitable technology and equipment with quality are used.

Follow-up and Control

We perform our follow-up/control service in an efficient and constant manner and share them with our customers, in order to ensure the continuity of the service we have promised to them.

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