We are carrying out all your technical pay rolling transactions with our expert staff and technological infrastructure and we implement their legal requirements for you.

Preparing a payroll is an application that does not provide a company with added value but inflicts workload to the respective unit, either the human resources or accountancy services, due to the follow-up of the legislation and parameter updates, in addition to being a legal obligation.

As Bizim Servis, we are establishing the suitable system for your entire pay rolling process, following the determination of the solution that is most appropriate for the fulfillment of the needs of your firm. Starting from the affairs of your personnel, we keep track of the legal transactions within the entire process of working. We arrange all the Social Insurance declarations of all the workplaces belonging to your firm. In addition, we help eliminate the processes not providing added-value to your organization, by drawing up the reports you need in an accurate, timely, and complete manner. We provide consultancy in all the job recruitment and annulment processes. We do not compromise confidentiality and we ensure that the wages of the employees are by no means made known to others.